Sunday, November 23, 2014

Welcome to DSGCW: The Backstage Pass!


My name is Michael Bahr and I am the administrator and managing partner of the Desert Sky Games and Comics Warehouse.

DSGCW is a game and comic store located in Gilbert, Arizona, and has been open since the summer of 2012.  This blog will be linked to and from our primary website,, where you will find this week's new comics, our event calendar, our eBay PowerSeller store, items available for direct purchase, and more!

I spent seven years as a professional legal writer and analyst, and figured this would be a good way to keep my chops sharp and in practice.  In addition, I get many questions on Facebook and elsewhere about how things work on the business side of the retail game and comic book equation.  Thus was born this blog, where I give you, the reader, a "backstage pass" into what happens behind the curtain here in this arcane and esoteric landscape!

My plan at this point is to have a new post at least weekly (with publication Tuesday or Wednesday) and more often if possible.  I am interested in featuring other writers if there is interest as well.  I would be utterly delighted to see enough content being created to make this a daily blog.

I also want to feature regular "reader mailbags" in which I answer a question about the industry from an interested reader.  If that's you, shoot me an email at and put in the subject line "Blog question" and I'll queue it right up!

Thanks and welcome aboard!

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