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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Year 2014 Wrap-Up: DSG Best-Sellers - Accessories and Concessions

Greetings everyone!

Time for the second installment in our Year-End Wrap-Up!  These lists go by total revenue.  Accessories was so close to expectations I could have dart-boarded it:

Accessories, December Only:

  1. Dragon Shields, Turquoise
  2. KMC Sleeves Hyper Matte Black
  3. Dragon Shields, Black
  4. Ultra-Pro Black Solid 100ct (sleeves)
  5. KMC Sleeves, Hyper Matte Clear
  6. Dragon Shields, Copper
  7. Dragon Shields, Blue
  8. KMC Sleeves, Perfect Size 100ct
  9. Ultra-Pro Satin Tower Black (deck box)
  10. Ultra-Pro White Solid 100ct

In case there is any lingering doubt after my last series of articles, this should make the landscape crystal clear.  It really is all about those textured sleeves.

Accessories, All of 2014:

  1. KMC Sleeves Hyper Matte Black
  2. Dragon Shields, Black
  3. Dragon Shields, Turquoise
  4. KMC Sleeves, Perfect Size 100ct
  5. Ultra-Pro Pro-Fit 100ct
  6. Ultra-Pro Black Solid 100ct
  7. Dragon Shields, Red
  8. Dragon Shields, Blue
  9. Dragon Shields, Green
  10. Dragon Shields, Purple
The year looked about the same.  Hyper Matte Blacks alternated places with black and turquoise Dragon Shields for about half the year at the top of the list.  The three are our best-selling accessory SKUs consistently, but every color sells -- it's just that the sales are spread out among all those SKUs.

What happens if I exclude card sleeves from a list of our top-selling accessories?

Accessories, All of 2014, Excluding Sleeves:
  1. Ultra-Pro Satin Tower Black
  2. Desert Sky Games playmat
  3. 5000ct Super Shoe Box Storage w/Lid
  4. Ultra-Pro 209D 9-Pocket Pages 100ct
  5. BCW Current Comic Boards 100ct
  6. MTG Black Mana Flip Top Deck Box
  7. 3200ct Super Shoe Box Storage w/Lid
  8. Ultra-Pro Playmat and Artwork Tube
  9. MTG Blue Mana Flip Top Deck Box
Only nine non-sleeve accessories made our top 100 accessories SKUs in revenue for the year.   The tenth came in 118th place, and it was the Ultra-Pro Satin Tower Light Blue.  This doesn't mean your store should ignore non-sleeve accessories -- we sold $5,000 in dice in 2014 -- but it means having your full lines of sleeves is of high importance because even tournament-hardcore Spike players who already have every card are still going to buy their sleeves from the store where they play.

What else might they buy?  Happily, virtually every player regardless of game partakes of our concessions.  We include coin-op in this category since it's an on-site consumable.  The results:

Concessions, December Only:

  1. Surge 2014 can 16oz
  2. Bottled Water
  3. Mountain Dew can 12oz
  4. Quarters into Pinball: Street Fighter II CE
  5. Quarters into Pinball: High Speed
  6. Mountain Dew Throwback can 12oz
  7. Monster Energy Original 16oz
  8. Coca-Cola Classic can 12oz
  9. Gatorade Frost Glacier Freeze 20oz
  10. Dr Pepper can 12oz

I did not expect to see that performance out of Surge, even though I knew it was doing well.  But displacing bottled water at the top of the list is like beating the Harlem Globetrotters.  It just doesn't happen.  And that's without considering that we give away bottled water for free at competitive/championship tournament events we host.

I liked seeing my new Street Fighter II pinball machine, which only just arrived mid-month, breaking into the top 5 on revenue.  Probably a quarter of its earnings were from me personally, but hey, it's all good.  No surprises from the soft drink flavors that made the top ranks.

Concessions, All of 2014:

  1. Bottled Water
  2. Monster Energy Zero Ultra
  3. Mountain Dew bottle 24oz
  4. Quarters into Pinball: High Speed
  5. Quarters into ESD-4 Sticker Machine
  6. Dr. Pepper can 12oz
  7. Monster Energy Original 16oz
  8. Mountain Dew can 12oz
  9. Coca-Cola Classic can 12oz
  10. Mexican Coca-Cola bottle 12oz

Coming in 12th for the year was a product I could only get until May or June-ish: Rockstar Recovery Grape, my beverage of choice.  Of course it got discontinued.  I see the effect of our failing to make timely refills of our sticker machine, which is usually stocked with Magic, My Little Pony, and Pokemon cards.  For the year it was our fifth-highest earning concession, while for the month of December it didn't make the top ten.  (It was 18th.)

So there we are!  Trading card games and comics/media/toys still to come!

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